T heta. P hi. D elta. - ( T he. P erfect. D iscovery.)

By Maya Parker

What comes to mind when you think of sisterhood? After documenting them for the past several months, Theta Phi Delta is definitely what I envision. Theta Phi Delta is a community service based, high school organization that strives to help high school girls mold themselves into confident young ladies. Centered around the premise of promoting academic excellence, finding inner beauty, and becoming active participants in their community, Theta Phi Delta is the epitome of what all people should strive to be.

I would like to give a special thanks to the girls of Theta Phi Delta and their brilliant leaders, Rhea and Jokyra Scott. Without them, this project would have never been possible. It has been an honor to document the Theta's beautiful story over the past few months. Their vibrant spirits and loving nature will be something I take with me always. And, I can truly say I will take that special sense of Theta sisterhood wherever I go.