I Am Resilient

By Reagan Sanders

What traits do you need to have to be successful? Integrity. Confidence. Responsibility. Resilience.

Within the hidden walls of the JROTC class, the character of young women and men is profoundly shaped by two exceptional and passionate teachers: Chief Hester and First Sergeant Matthews. Their mission to mold these teenagers into good citizens is uplifting and unique to the program; few other classes invest in each of their students' personal development as much as the JROTC teachers. Monday physical training, American history lessons, financial advice, mock job interviews, drill practice, after-school fundraising, and uniform dress-out days all contribute to the development of these confident, fine leaders of JROTC. The lessons taught will last long after their time at Hillside comes to an end.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with JROTC, meeting so many bright and wonderful students and seeing firsthand the enormous impact made on these young adults. Thank you Chief Hester, First Sergeant Matthews, and all the cadets for allowing me to join your class to photograph and interview (again and again and again)!