Looking Beyond the Game

By Shaun Taraporewalla

As an Alumni of Hillside High School it has been my pleasure to return and photograph some of the things that make our school special. At Hillside I always recognized that football program was an integral part of our identity - both as a player and a student. Football is able to transcend the challenges that we may face on a daily basis and transports us to a place where the entire Hillside family can come and celebrate.

The players in particular know the importance of what they do, as leaders both on and off the field. I followed David Madzivanyika a players whose exceptional performance truly embodies what it means to be a Hillside Football player. Yet despite my focus, I have to thank all of the players, coaches, and athletic assistants who make every game possible. Returning to Hillside I have had the chance to showcase what makes the game special, and how it can change you forever.